If you’re looking to figure out how to get women, never mind local MILFs, to crave you, the answer is actually quite simple. In fact, the answer doesn’t really require a special book or a special training. Anybody, all human beings across the world, can pretty much agree on these factors. In fact, we’re not just talking about getting local MILFs or special types of women to crave you. We’re not just looking at specialized dating demographics. In fact, these tips apply to all sorts of women across the spectrum, just look at http://www.meetmilfs.org for example.

Whether you’re looking for Asian women, black women, Latina women, women with one leg, midgets, whatever, the rules are the same. These are quite universal laws of sexual attraction.

Treat Them With Respect And Passion

Women who are looking to have hot sex with dudes want to do it on their own terms. What’s crucial in all these is respect. It’s very hard to find a woman who would find you attractive if you don’t respect her first. There has to be some sort of groundwork that you can work from. Also, the passion has to be there. She has to be the focus of your attention.

You have to remember that a lot of women feel that they’ve fallen between the cracks. A lot of women feel that they’re not getting the kind of attention and appreciation that they deserve. If you’re the guy who comes along and gives them that spotlight that they’ve been looking for, then you’d be surprised as to how much they would crave you. You’d be surprised as to how much they would want you to be around. A little bit of attention goes a long way.

Make Them cum At Least Three Times a Night

The interesting thing about local MILFs and older women in general is that they are able to achieve multiple orgasms. Always remember this because this is your ace in the hole. If you’re able to meet their physical needs, then it’s very easy for them to develop a craving for you. It’s very easy for them to go with the tried and proven solution rather than wasting their time on somebody else.