The modern dating world is enough to put anyone off their breakfast. It’s no small wonder that the modern man looks elsewhere. 

The modern dating scene is a strange world. Women are no longer wooed and men are no longer the master of the household. Times have changed even since the older Millennials, many of whom chose not to get married, learned the rules of dating. The hook-up culture is the new now… and it’s no wonder that people are turning away from it to choose escort services instead. 


The 7 Reasons Men Prefer Escorts to the Modern Dating World 

There are loads of reasons why your average Joe might not even bother engaging in hook-up culture to experience the pleasures of sex or modern dating. Here are the hot favorites for 2022. 

1 – Dating is Expensive 

One factor that has never changed in the dating scene is the cost of dating. It is far cheaper to stay single than it is to take the modern lady out. It’s never just one date, either. The modern woman expects more than that. In some instances, you can find a cheap London escort for half the price of a high-class date. 

2 – The Elegance 

When you hire an escort, you know you will get someone who is trained in how to behave. Male or female, asking a random date for a wedding or formal event is always a risky business. When you hire an escort instead, you know you are getting someone trained in etiquette. 

3 – Emotional Detachment 

There’s no need to form an emotional bond with your escort. You don’t need the tangled web of emotions that a relationship provides you with just to take someone good-looking to a function. Instead, modern men hire escorts who show up looking fantastic and don’t expect romance. 

4 – The Simplicity 

Imagine you told your CEO you were bringing a plus one and then couldn’t find a plus one to bring? Save yourself the embarrassment and the time spent hanging out in bars trying to meet someone, by hiring cheap London escorts instead.  

5 – They’re Married 

In one article in Marie Claire, a “John” admitted that he was a married man. His job was stressful, his house was noisy thanks to the kids, and his wife never had time for him. Instead of dating someone new, he saw his use of the escort service as a means of escape from his life without ‘cheating’ emotionally on his partner. He saw the physical use of sex as a need to get pleasure while still remaining emotionally connected to his wife. Who are we to judge?  

6 –It’s a Time Thing 

If you ask men, they will tell you that it is a time thing. They could put hours and weeks into wooing a date in the hope of sex, or they could pick up the phone and order their arm candy like they order Chinese food. One doesn’t take half as much time as the other.  

7 – Their Looks 

If you imagine living life as a mediocre or even ‘ugly’ man, how hard would it be to get women to look at you or even have sex with you, then you imagine that you could hire a beautiful woman to make you look great, why wouldn’t you? Men can go through their whole lives thinking they might never have a woman as beautiful as a sexy escort… or they could just order one and have a little taste of how the other half lives.